Rise as the supreme God in this techno supercharged vertical platformer by jumping thousands of kilometers up to the universe. Collects bright stars to build your godly power and boost higher. Only the best God will prevail. Can you go high enough and shine at the top of the scoreboard?

"If you’re looking for something deep and complex, go read some Melville.  Who is God is pure, stupid bliss.  It’s one of those games that makes your palms sweat and your fingers twitch."

-Indie Gamer Chick

Platformance Castle Pain

"When taken on its own merits Who is God is an excellent platformer at a value price. It’s immediately playable yet difficult to master. Not every indie game is high quality, but this one definitely is."

- XBLAFans

"Who Is God is an addictive and attractive platformer; a great idea honed and polished to a mirror shine. 80 Microsoft Points is a small price to pay to become the one true God!"

- Dealspwn

"Whether you put five minutes, an hour, or a thousand hours into Who is God is ultimately irrelevant. You’ll like it enough to give up your dollar and that’s all that matters."


"MagikoGaming did an Awesome job with this game. They made a simple, yet challenging gaming experience that will no doubt last a long time."

-OtakuDante XBLAratings.com