Can you save the princess ? Will you get to the end of Castle Pain (and brag about it on the scoreboards) ? As an heavily armored knight you must succeed in various challenging platform goodness: Slalom between bird droppings, avoid giant fireballs, flee from the ghost, escape a giant octopus, brave blood thirsty bats and much more... Let the quest begin!

"If Super Meat Boy and Journey to the Center of the Earth had a love child, this would probably be it."


Platformance Castle Pain

"As with the best of its kind, however, Castle Pain is fair (in its own way) and filled with more than enough humour and gimmickry to ensure that you’ll keep fighting through to the bitter end."

- EDGE Magazine

"It's essentially a one-dollar kick to the groin; why yes, I do mean that as a compliment."

- Destructoid

"This Game Is Suitable For Framing"

- Kotaku

"PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain hits the perfect sweet spot between punishing difficulty and immense satisfaction at beating each obstacle."



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