Blast your way through 32 levels of destruction madness. Put your piloting skills to the test with planes, helicopters... and missile launcher mounted jetpacks that cut through rocks like butter. Collect Rewards but avoid Flopwards! From the makers of Platformance: Castle Pain comes a game about: bombs and bombers, skills and rankings, babes and bunkers. BUNKER BUSTER!

" The game is presented very well with nicely designed menus, the in-game graphics are also done well in a cartoon style. There are 32 levels to blast your way through so it should keep you occupied for a while. There are also rewards for good things and flopwards for bad, to collect. Definitely one to try!"

- Gamergeddon

Platformance Castle Pain

"Bunker Busters is a fun Windows Phone game that runs the gambit of reactions. Graphically, it is well presented (the comic book graphics are really nice). Game play is progressively challenging that can get you hooked on the game."

- WP Central

"For only a dollar you can’t go wrong. Head on over to the Marketplace and pick this one up. You will definitely enjoy it. See how many of the 32 levels you were able to beat."


"Better than Average, and Genuinely Fun."

-Xbox Hornet





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